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As we held your brave hand, you looked at us with your eyes of courage and told us you were in two places at one time. You were here with us and in another world too beautiful to describe.

Shortly after, the death angel came and took you to that beautiful place called Heaven.


We do not need a certain day
to bring you to our mind,
the days we do not think of you
are very hard to find.

Each morning when you awake
we know that you are gone.
No one knows the heartache
as we tried to carry on.

Our hearts still ache with sadness
and secret tears still flow.
What it meant to lose you
no one will ever know.

Our thoughts are always with you
Your place no one can fill.
In life we loved you dearly
In death we love you still.

There will always be a heartahce
and often a silent tear,
But always a precious memory
of the days when you were here.

We hold you close within our hearts
and there you will remain
To walk with us throughout our lives
until we meet again.

author unknown

Love Daddy, Mama and Audrey

From Earth to Glory

In an instant you were gone forever;
In that moment, no more pain.
Suddenly you were taken from us
and we long to see you again.

In your time here you lived a lifetime;
In a moment it was gone too soon.
As a child you went through more than
any person should ever live through.

From heaven to earth God sent you
To live out your days on earth.
Fulfilling the plan God had for you
set out before your birth.

And now you're returned to the Father,
You've heard and followed his voice.
From earth you entered His glory
and all of Heaven rejoiced.

We celebrate your life now,
though your time was not yet through.
From earth to glory, forever,
We will always remember you.

Pam Hilton Harvey

May 17, 2004
poem may not be used without permission

From Chad's
One Year Anniversary

Its's been a year ago today that you went to live with Jesus in that mansion in the sky.

Oh! What a glorious day it must have been for Granny Powell and Papa Pendergrass when they saw their handsome grandson proudly walking with his head held high and with his eyes of courage through the pearly white gates to be with them for eternity.

Oh! What a sad day it was for Daddy, Mama and Audrey to have to say good-bye to someone we loved so dear. We love and miss you more and more each day. For son, living wihtout you is like living without the sunshine. You made us proud. you were a champ. We miss all the wonderful things we did together and all the things you did for us. But son, knowing we will see you again helps us to face each new day. Knowing that there is all joy and happiness and no pain and suffering helps us to go on in life. Son, I want you to know that you are special. A son whom we will always love and remember as long as we live. You left behind so many friends who love and miss you very much. We are looking forward to the day when we all will be together again for eternity and will be able to do all the things we wanted to do down here.

Love Daddy, Mama and Audrey