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"Goin' Fishin'" © Tom Sierak
Used with permission

To My Dad on His Birthday
From Heaven

I know I didnít have much time
To spend on earth with you,
But I will always treasure
The things we got to doó

Like the way your smiling face
Always looked at mine;
Love was always in your touch
And in your eyes did shine.

I didnít want to leave you,
But God had plans for me,
And so, of course, I had to goó
I hope that you can see.

I know you want to see me,
And, Dad, Iíd like that, too,
But someday weíll have endless days
For all we want to do.

So, till itís time for God to call
Both you and Mommy, too,
Remember that Iím waiting here
And always loving you.

With love from Heaven,

© Saralyn McAfee Smith