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Precious Memories

People tell us that life moves on,
And now so should we,
But life without you is harder than
We ever thought that it would be.

From time to time a moment comes
When you are on our minds.
And we're reminded of the years we've lost
That we will never find.

We missed you on Audrey's wedding day
More than we often do;
But the one red rose in her bouquet
Was in memory of you.

These special moments make our minds
Keep drifting to the past
Where precious times we had with you
Are the memories that last.

Though years have passed & we miss you now
More than you could ever know;
We know that God has a plan for us
Who are remaining here below.

Pam Hilton Harvey

June 25, 2004

Poem may not be used without permission

Though we miss Chad terribly, we know God still has plans
for us here on earth.

Audrey and her new husband Jeff

Just married!

Chad's sister Audrey and Dad on Audrey's wedding day.

The single red rose in the middle of Audrey's bouquet is in loving
memory of Chad.

Audrey and Mom

Audrey and Jeff on their honeymoon cruise

Music playing is "Memories" by Margi Harrell
"Love Collage" courtesy of stock stash